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Meet Our Specialist:
Dr. Bipin Chhajed

With a legacy of expertise spanning 10 years, Dr. Bipin Chhajed stands as a beacon of orthopedic excellence. Holding a degree in FIJR from Hyderabad, Dr. Chhajed brings unparalleled skill and commitment to every TKR and THR procedure.

Total Knee Replacement

Total Hip Replacement


Why Choose TKR and THR at Yash Aman Hospital?

At Yash Aman Hospital, we prioritize your well-being with:

Comprehensive Care

Our approach to TKR and THR extends beyond surgery, focusing on pre-operative preparation, the procedure itself, and a robust post-operative care plan.

Expert-Led Surgeries

Dr. Bipin Chhajed leads our orthopedic team, ensuring precision and skill in every Total Knee and Hip Replacement surgery.

Insurance Accessibility

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your TKR and THR surgeries are claimable under all government and private insurances, as well as Third-Party Administrators (TPAs).

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Yash Aman Hospital boasts cutting-edge facilities, equipped to provide the highest standard of care during and after TKR and THR procedures.

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Choose Yash Aman Hospital for Your TKR and THR Needs

At Yash Aman Hospital, we understand the significance of a pain-free, active life. Our commitment to excellence, coupled with Dr. Bipin Chhajed’s expertise makes us the top choice for Total Knee and Hip Replacement surgeries in Jodhpur. Your journey to restored mobility starts here.

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Dr. Bipin Chhajed

Our dedicated team are here to guide you on your journey to a successful treatment. Don't suffer in silence; let us help you regain your comfort and confidence.
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