Embark on a journey to flawless skin with Yash Aman Hospital's newly launched, unparalleled dermatology and skin care services.


Led by the esteemed Dr. (Wg Cdr) Loknandini Sharma, MBBS (gold medalist), DNB, MNAMS, a distinguished dermatologist with a prestigious career in the armed forces. She has extensive experience from her tenure at the Armed Forces Medical College and Base Hospital Delhi Cantt., spanning 14 years in premier armed forces colleges and hospitals. 

Dr. Sharma specializes in dermatology, venereology, and leprology, offering a comprehensive range of services for skin, hair, and nail concerns.

Our Comprehensive Dermatology Services

OPD Services:

Skin Conditions

 Treatment for a wide array of skin issues, including acne, eczema, psoriasis, vitiligo, and more.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

Expert diagnosis and treatment of various STDs.


Specialized care for leprosy patients.

Hair and Nail Disorders

Addressing conditions such as alopecia, dandruff, nail fungal infections, and other related disorders.

Therapeutic and Cosmetic Treatments:

Advanced Treatments:

Why Choose Us?

  • Experienced Specialist:

    Dr. Sharma's extensive background includes serving as an Assistant Professor at the Army College of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, and her involvement in prestigious research projects funded by DRDO.

  • Advanced Technology:

    We utilize the latest technology and techniques in dermatology to ensure the best outcomes.

  • Holistic Care:

    From medical treatments to cosmetic procedures, we offer a holistic approach to skin health.

  • Patient-Centered Approach:

    Personalized care plans tailored to individual patient needs.

  • Research and Academic Excellence:

    1. Dr. Sharma has a strong research background with numerous publications in national and international journals. Her work includes significant contributions to dermatology through original articles, case reports, and case series.
    2. She has successfully completed an AFMRC research project as the principal worker, showcasing her commitment to advancing dermatological science.
    3. Dr. Sharma is also the winner of the National Quiz held at GADCON, New Delhi, and has presented and moderated dermatology clinical meetings, further highlighting her expertise.
    4. She has significant academic experience at the prestigious Armed Forces Medical College and Base Hospital, Delhi Cantt.

  • Convenient Location

    Located in the heart of Jodhpur, Yash Aman Hospital is easily accessible, making it convenient for patients from Jodhpur and surrounding regions.

Whether you're seeking a dermatologist near you or the best skin specialist in Jodhpur, we're here to serve you. Our compassionate approach ensures a supportive environment throughout your journey to healthier skin.

Witness the Change

Frequently Asked Questions

During your consultation, our team will provide a detailed breakdown of costs and discuss payment options tailored to your needs.

Our team prioritizes patient comfort and recovery. We provide thorough pre-operative and post-operative care instructions to minimize discomfort and ensure a smooth recovery process.

Dr. Nemi Chand’s goal is to achieve natural-looking results that meet your expectations. During your consultation, he will discuss realistic outcomes and address any concerns you may have.


For appointments or any queries, call: +91-8619039541, 0291-2570034  

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